New Blog Contributor

I’m happy to introduce our first guest blogger. PalliNP is a palliative care nurse practitioner in a small midwestern hospital. She is “trying every day to relieve suffering.” She takes her motto from St. Teresa of Calcutta: “Do small things with great love” I’m sure we’ll be touched and enlightened by her posts. 


Guest Bloggers Wanted

A very wise Palliative Medicine Physician, Dr. Christian Sinclair, once made a suggestion to open my blog to guest bloggers.  We had a discussion about how blogging while working and maintaining a family can be a difficult task. Two of my favorite blogs I follow, have several contributing authors. Dr. Sinclair contributes to The other blog I follow is Both blogs are great and I recommend them both. If you’ve been wanting to blog, or have an entry you’ve been wanting to write without a place to publish, please consider contributing here. Authors may decide to be anonymous or not. If interested please email me at